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18" Cut Hydrostatic Drive Sod Cutter
Honda engine

The SC18 Series sod cutter is built upon the most rugged foundation in the industry with a superstructure frame featuring 23 kg of steel and supports a robust drive and cut system. A variable speed hydrostatic transmission allows operators to match cutting speed to ground condition in both forward and reverse.

The SC181HEU comes standard with a rear caster wheel for curved cuts and locks for straight cutting and handle isolation mounts absorb vibration for smooth, fatiguefree operation. Other user-friendly features include an hour meter, heavy-duty front bumper bar and six convenient tie-down points.

Coupled to Honda power with a 3-year warranty, Billy Goat’s 18" / 46 cm hydro sod cutter will be a favourite for irrigation, landscape, hardscape, sports field and flatwork.

  • Transmission Brand & Model: HydroGear RT310
  • Weight: 179cm
  • Length: 152cm
  • Width: 67cm
  • Height: 98cm
  • Engine: GXV160 Honda
  • Performance: 5.5hp / 4.1kW
  • Displacement: 163cc
  • Cutting Width: 46cm / 18"
  • Cutting Depth: 6.3cm
  • Drive Type: Self Propelled
  • Transmission Type: Hydrostatic
Billy Goat SC180H Hydro Drive Transmission
Set and Forget Blade Depth Adjustment
Single lever and clamp at user’s operating position adjusts simply, saving time and providing precise cutting depths to 6cm.
Billy Goat SC180H Set and Forget Blade Depth Adjustment
Vented Housing and Service Doors
Provides increased venting for cool operation. Three easy access service doors located at front / back of machine offer convenient access for servicing.
Billy Goat SC180H Finger-tip Access Drive Controls
Rear Swivel Caster
Perfect for curved work or making turns at the end of a pass. Locks for straight cutting.
SC180H warranty
Unique Paddle-Style Drive Wheels
For landscape applications. Designed to shed mud in wet conditions and grip in dry for improved cutting in all conditions.
SC180H warranty
Tie Down Points
Convenient tie-downs make machine transport safe.
Billy Goat SC180H Sod Cutter
Billy Goat SC180H Front bumper bar & Tie down points
Billy Goat SC180H Unique Drive Wheels
Billy Goat SC180H 18 inch Cutting blade
Billy Goat SC180H Multiple Oversized Isolation Mounts

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