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Industrial Duty Vacuum - Hard Surface
Honda and Briggs and Stratton engine

Billy Goat's 84cm / 33" QUIETVAC™ is the world’s quietest vacuum. It’s unique cyclonic filtration with exclusive Dust Sock™ technology that dramatically reduces dust in dry conditions.

The housing and 6-blade armour plate steel fan combination provide optimum suction power and 12 to 1 debris reduction for composting in dry conditions.

This hard surface machine is ideal for contractor use and municipal clean up applications such as tarmac, school campuses, hospitals, parks, churches, airport pedestrian areas, resorts, city streets and pavements.

This QV900HSP features a self propelled drive type, powered by Honda.


  • Wheels: 13" / Pneumatic
  • Impeller Blades: 6
  • Impeller Type: Serrated
  • Bag System: Bag with 4 Hooks
  • Bag Capacity: 136ltr
  • Weight: 112kg
  • Length: 160cm
  • Width: 84cm
  • Height: 130cm
  • Engine: GX270 Honda
  • Performance: 9.0hp / 6.6kW
  • Displacement: 270cc
  • Starting: Recoil
  • Productivity: 3000m3/h
  • Working Width: 84cm / 33"
  • Drive Type: Self Propelled
  • Transmission Type: Hydrostatic
  • Housing Material: Metal
Billy Goat QV Quietvac Worlds quietest
As low as 97 LWa and 77 dBa at full RPM and 96 LWa and 76 dBa at 2800 RPM
Billy Goat QV Quietvac Cyclonic Filtration
Debris Bag Dust Skirt
The QV Series vacuums are standard equipped with a debris bag dust skirt.
Billy Goat QV Quietvac 2-Latch Bag System
Hydrostatic Drive Transmission
Self propelled and a hydrostatic transmission from 0-3 mph (0 ~ 4,8 km/h) with infinite forward and reverse.
Billy Goat QV Quietvac Hydrostatic Drive Option
Unique Cyclonic Filtration
The cyclonic filtration system, when combined with exclusive DUST SOCK™ technology, dramatically reduces dust in dry conditions, providing the ultimate in operator comfort.
Billy Goat QV Quietvac 2-Latch Bag System
Electrostatic DUST SOCK
The DUST SOCK™ acts as a secondary filter lowering the amount of dust that escapes the bag. It is used in dry and dusty conditions only.
Billy Goat QV Quietvac Contractor
Billy Goat QV Powerful Suction
Billy Goat QV Front Casters
Billy Goat QV Quietvac Turf Bag
Billy Goat QV Quietvac Contractor (Hard Surface)
Billy Goat QV Quietvac collapsible Hose and Hand Extension
Collapsible Hose and Hand Extension
Part #: 831018
5” x 10’ (12.7 x 305 cm) hose; hand extension for best in class ergonomic use; on board storage.
Billy Goat QV Quietvac Turf bag with ring
Replacement Bag
Part #: 831612
Replaces the original vacuum bag. 136 litre capacity.
Billy Goat QV Quietvac Parking Brake Kit
Parking Brake Kit
Part #: 831609
Billy Goat QV Quietvac Parking Brake Kit
Liner Sleeve
Part #: 831610
Protects housing in sandy conditions.
Part #: 830257
Reduces operator fatigue.
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