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Leaf & Litter Vacuum
KV601 (Briggs) / KV650H (Honda) Push Models
KV601SP (Briggs) / KV650SPH (Honda) Self-Propelled
TKV650SPH (Honda) Self-Propelled with Chipper
Honda and Briggs and Stratton engine

Powerful suction and easy operation make cleanup a snap for leaves, seeds, mulch, blooms, branches, litter and debris. The 27” wide lawn and litter vacuum is ideal for residential and property maintenance and builds on our 40 year legacy of strong suction, simple operation and reliable design that makes outdoor vacuum cleanup a snap.

Whether it’s residential cleanup for your patio, lawn, driveway, walkway, shrubs, beds, decks, pool areas, trees, car parking areas or fence lines – the KV inhales and bags all your garden cleanup debris. An optional hose kit (pictured) helps between shrubs, beds and under decks or utilities. The self-propelled TKV model includes an on-board 2” chipper.

Put the power of our 40-year proven and leading brand to work on your cleanup project today!



  • Engine: 190 cc Briggs (KV601, KV601SP) or 187 cc Honda (KV650H, KV650SPH, TKV650SPH)
  • Bag Volume: 151 ltr.
  • Bag: Mesh w/dust skirt
  • CFM: 1700
  • Large 5-blade impeller with serrated edges 
  • Variable height adjustment 
  • Integral dust skirt 
  • Optional hose kit
  • Zipperless bag for simple bag handling 
  • Honda or Briggs power, self-propelled option
Billy Goat KV Integral Dust Skirt
Integral Dust Skirt
Keeps dust down and away from the operator
Billy Goat KV Zipperless Bag
Zipperless Bag
Uses two easy open fasteners for long life and simple unloading. Bottom loading.
Billy Goat KV 5-Blade Impeller
5-Blade Serrated Impeller
Composts and reduces debris up to 12 to 1.
Billy Goat Warranty
KV / TKV Warranty
1-year machine; 2-year engine (consumer); 1-year engine (commercial)
Billy Goat KV Multi-surface Vacuum
Billy Goat KV Rear self-propelled
Billy Goat KV branch chipper
Billy Goat KV Zipperless Bag
Billy Goat KV Integral Dust Skirt
Billy Goat KV Felt Bag
Optional Felt Bag
Part #: 891126
Available for better dust control.
Billy Goat KV Hose Kit
Optional Hose Kit
Part #: 891125
4” x 8’ Hose kit is great for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.
Billy Goat KV Caster Kit
Caster Kit
Part #: 891128
Increases manoeuvrability and helps to protect against wear on hard surfaces.
Billy Goat KV Nozzle wear kit
Nozzle Wear Kit
Part #: 891127
Prevents nozzle wear on hard surface applications. 
Billy Goat KV Weatherproof Cover
Weatherproof Cover
Part #: 891137
Is ideal for protecting your machine from the elements. 
Optional Liner Sleeve
Part #: 891134
Protects housing in sandy conditions, increasing the life of the housing.
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