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Electric Start Debris Loader
DL2900V (Vanguard) & DL3700V (Vanguard Electric Start)

Our top of the line loaders feature a 29 HP† or 37 HP† engine coupled to our largest 20”, 6-blade, armor plate steel impeller with 18 cutting points (DL3700V); 12 cutting points (DL2900V) for up to a 12:1 reduction ratio and includes a replaceable poly liner for the housing.

Both units have a 10-ft clear poly helical coil intake hose - the DL2900V has a 12” hose diameter and the DL3700V
has a 14” hose diameter.




  • Engine: 25 HP Subaru / 35 HP Vanguard 
  • Hose Dimensions: 12” x 10’ (DL2900V); 14" x 10' (DL3700V)
  • Replaceable poly housing liner
  • Impeller: 6 blades, 18 cutting points plus Piranha™ blade
  • CFM: 4400 cfm / 5050 cfm
  • 18” & 20” armour plate impeller
  • Dual shredding technology
  • Unique 360 degrees discharge rotation
  • Maximum truck loading and debris reduction up to 12:1
  • Optional highway class trailer is pre-wired with 14” wheels
  • Clear urethane intake hose
Billy Goat DL12/13 debris loader dual shredding system
Dual Shredding System with Piranha Blade
For extra shredding. Replaceable steel liner and serrated blades with cutting points for maximum truck loading and debris reduction up to 12:1.
Billy Goat DL12/13 Debris Loader Metallic Hose Kit
Urethane Metallic Hose Kit
Clear hose allows for visual inspection and quick removal of hose clogs.
Billy Goat DL25 & 35 hand adjustable rotating exhaust
No Tool, Hand Adjustable Rotating Exhaust
No tools required, hand adjustable changes the direction of the exhaust. 360 degree positioning. 
Billy Goat DL25 & 35 intake hose storage
Intake Hose Storage
Simple secure nozzle hook for convenient and efficient storage in transit.
DL 25 & 35 Warranty
DL Warranty
DL29: 5-year engine; DL37: 3-year engine
Billy Goat DL12/13 Safety kill switch
Billy Goat DL12/13 Metallic Hose Kit
Billy Goat DL12/13 dual shredding system
Billy Goat DL25 & 35 trailer
CustomFit Trailer
Part #: 791152
Ideal solution for mostly anyone wanting mobility and a smooth ride at highway speeds. Includes pre-wired lights, 14” wheels, traffic cone holder & backup whip standard.
Billy Goat DL25 & 35 metal discharge extension
Flexible Metal Discharge Extension
Part #: 791106
Extends discharge by 5’ for customisation to your truck or trailer.
Billy Goat DL25 & 35 extension kit
CustomFit Extension Kit (DL29, 37)
Part #: 791600
Extends discharge height by 2'
Billy Goat DL25 & 35 exhaust deflector kit
Optional Exhaust Deflector Kit
Part #: 812295
Deflects debris for most efficient loading.
Billy Goat DL12/13 replacement hose
Replacement Hose
Part #: 791034 (DL29), 792208 (DL37)
Urethane portion only
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